RP Hydro-pointe



HYDRO-POINTE is a hydrophilic waterstop, for use in concrete applications and is a bentonite butyl waterstop product. Used in new concrete cold-pour joints most notably at the wall slab juncture and lift joints.

  • Replaces conventional passive PVC dumbbell waterstops
  • Swells to form impermeable barrier
  • Seals small cracks and void areas

Hydro-Pointe can be applied on new or old concrete, irregular surfaces, and around throughwall penetrations such as plumbing and electrical piping. A non-silicone based adhesive should be used to adhere Hydro-Pointe to the substrate. Hydro-Pointe is designed for both hydrostatic and non-hydrostatic conditions. This product is not intended to be used as a sealant for expansion joints.

To facilitate proper adhesion, the substrate should be dry and clear of any dirt, dust, or other contaminates. Do not apply Hydro-Pointe in standing water. If considerable swelling occurs before installation, Hydro-Pointe must be removed and replaced. Apply a continuous bead of non-silicone based adhesive such as Right Prime along the surface where Hydro-Pointe is being installed. Follow manufacturer’s installation instructions for proper techniques to apply the adhesive.  If using Right Prime the coverage rate is 500 LF per gallon when applying a width of 1”.   Once the adhesive is applied, remove the release liner from Hydro-Pointe and firmly place Hydro-Pointe onto the bead of adhesive before it cures or skins over. Press and hold for 15 seconds to solidify adhesion in vertical and overhead applications. Mechanical fasteners may be used to supplement the non-silicone based adhesive. Form a continuous impermeable seal by butting the coil ends together. It is important not to overlap these ends. If needed, cut coils to proper length before installing. Hydro-Pointe requires a minimum 3” of concrete on all sides for proper installation.

  • Single Pipe Penetration: Install Hydro-Pointe around the outer diameter of the pipe.
  • Multiple Pipe Penetrations: Install Hydro-Pointe around each pipe individually, including any block out box construction joints.
  • Sleeved Pipe Penetrations: Install Hydro-Pointe around the outer diameter of the sleeve. Install another Hydro-Pointe strip between the sleeve’s inner diameter and the pipe to contact both surfaces uninterruptedly. It may be appropriate to install two separate strips if the gap between the inner diameter of the sleeve and the pipe is too large.