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Hot Applied Sealants

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RP PAVE PATCH GRAY is a hot applied, gray colored, single package, ready to melt patching compound used for the partial depth repair of concrete pavements. RP PAVE PATCH GRAY is a resin based highly modified formulation with aggregates that conform to or exceed the physical requirements of aggregates used in concrete pavements. RP PAVE PATCH GRAY when properly applied will provide many years of service to distressed pavements that are in need of repair to reduce further deterioration. RP PAVE PATCH GRAY is supplied as granular form in meltable plastic bags.


  • Highly workable for less handling
  • Remains flexible and highly durable
  • Superior bond to existing pavement
  • Load bearing and impact resistant
Penetration at 25 °C100 (0.1 mm) max.
Softening Point210 °F min.
Mandrel bend at 32 °FPass
Resilience40 % min.
Specific Gravity1.60
Recommended Application Temperature350 °F - 400 °F
Maximum Safe Heating Temperature400 °F

Use a jacketed melter with a full sweep horizontal agitator that can maintain a pour temperature between 350 °F and 400 °F. Not subject to pumping with typical pumps used for sealant due to high aggregate loading.


To facilitate proper adhesion, the joint or crack should be dry and clear of any dirt, dust, or other contaminates.  Substrate and ambient temperatures must be 40 °F or above.  Proper sizing of the joint will cause the maximum extension/compression to not exceed 50% of the width.  Joints or random cracks of ¼” or less are difficult to properly clean prior to applying the sealant.

The approximate coverage rate of RP PAVE PATCH GRAY is 100 lbs/ft³. To facilitate proper adhesion, the pavement should be clean and dry and clear of any dirt, dust, or other contaminates. It is recommended that the repair area edges be saw cut or milled to ensure bonding to sound pavement. Pavement temperatures at time of repair should be 40 °F minimum. After repair area is prepared the entire area is to be conditioned with Right Prime. A light application may be applied by spraying or brushing avoiding making puddles and allowed to dry before applying RP PAVE PATCH GRAY. The material is then dispensed directly into the repair area in lifts if necessary to help facilitate cooling and smoothed to surrounding surfaces with a hot iron.

For optimal results use of Right Prime prior to installation is recommended. To enhance surface texture a final layer of Right Pointe approved topping aggregate shall be broadcast onto the still hot patch and lightly smoothed with a hot iron. Please refer to Right Pointe Pave Patch Application Bulletin to verify proper application instructions.

The service life when heated to application temperature is approximately 12 hours. Adding fresh material to the melter as mastic is being used will extend the service life. Product shall be agitated during installation. Any material that has exceeded the service life should be removed from the melter and discarded.