RP 64-22

Hot Applied Sealants

PG 64-22 is a single component hot applied asphalt. It is a low viscosity product that may be applied with typical hot applied joint sealant equipment. PG 64-22 may be used for miscellaneous projects as required by specifications.

Recommended Extended Heating6 hours
Maximum Safe Heating Temperature390 °F
Penetration (100 g/5 sec.)15 - 75
Softening Point130 °F - 170 °F
Solubility in trichloroethylene99.0 min.
Loss on heating 325 °F, 5 hours1.0% max.
Deuctility, 77 °F5 cm

Use an agitated, oil-jacketed unit that has separate temperature gauges for both the sealant and the heat transfer fluid.  Take the plastic bag of sealant and load into the kettle one at a time.  Melt only enough material for the day’s activities.  Once melted, additional material can be added as needed.  Material can be safely reheated within the sealants service life. NOTE:  Prolonged heating of the sealant above the maximum safe heating temperature may cause it to gel in the kettle.