RP 64-22

Joint Sealants


RP 515 HOT APPLIED SEALANT is formulated with selected asphaltic resins, synthetic polymeric rubber, plasticizers, stabilizers, and a blend of organic, reinforcing fillers. This economical material is a hot applied, single component sealant that provides excellent results under extremely varying conditions. RP 515 is the perfect joint and crack sealant for many applications.
• Superior bonding characteristics
• High resiliency and weather resistance
• Excellent results throughout freeze and thaw cycles

RP 515 meets all requirements of: ASTM D6690 Type I, AASHTO M324 Type I, AASHTO M324 Type I Modified, SS-S-164, and FAA P605.

Recommended Pour Temperature370 - 390 °F
Maximum Safe Heating Temperature400 °F
Recommended Extended Heating6 Hours
Penetration at 25 °C50 - 90
Flow, 140 °F1.0 cm max.
Bond, 0 °F/100% Ext.Passes 5 cycles
Resilience, %25 – 60
Impact, 0 °Fpass
Compression Recovery0.40 min.
Ductility, 77 °F40 cm min.

Use a direct fired kettle or an agitated oil-jacketed unit that has separate temperature gauges for both the sealant and the heat transfer fluid. Take the plastic bag of sealant and load into the kettle one at a time. Melt only enough material for the day’s activities. Once melted, additional material can be added as needed.


30 lbs. per unit - 65 Units per Pallet - 1,950 lbs. per Pallet

35 lbs. per unit - 60 Units per Pallet - 2100 lbs. per Pallet