RP 6297 W/agg

Hot Applied Sealants

RP 6297 W/AGG is a hot applied polymer modified asphalt binder mixed with select graded and processed aggregates. This pre-measured, pre-packaged all in one system is placed in a heated mixer and poured into a primed bridge joint cut where it levels and cools to form an asphaltic plug bridge expansion joint system.
• High Workability for Less Handling
• Superior Bond to Existing Pavement
• Flexible & Highly Durable

RP 6297 W/AGG may be used in either exposed concrete or asphalt overlaid decks for initial placement or replacement of existing asphaltic plug expansion joint systems. Use is limited to applications where the expansion and contraction does not exceed 1.0” from the original installation width. Use a jacketed melter with a full sweep horizontal agitator that can maintain a pour temperature between 350 °F and 400 °F. Not subject to pumping with typical pumps used for sealant due to high aggregate loading.

Softening Point180 °F min.
Tensile Adhesion700 % min.
Ductility, (77 °F)400 mm min.
Penetration, (77 °F)7.5 mm max.
Penetration, (0 °F)1.0 mm min.
Flow, (140 °F)3.0 mm max.
Resilience, (77 °F)40 - 70 %
Asphalt CompatibilityPass
Bond 3 cycles @ -7 °F, 100% ext.Pass
Flexibility @ -23 °FPass
Installation Temperature Range350 - 400 °F
Safe Heating Temperature Range400 °F max.
Sieve Size 37.5 mm90 % Passing Minimum
Sieve Size 25.0 mm80 % Passing Minimum
Sieve Size 12.5 mm50 % Passing Minimum

Use an agitated, oil-jacketed unit that has separate temperature gauges for both the sealant and the heat transfer fluid. Take the plastic bag of sealant and load into the kettle one at a time. Melt only enough material for the day’s activities. Once melted, additional material can be added as needed. Material can be safely reheated within the sealants service life. NOTE: Prolonged heating of the sealant above the maximum safe heating temperature may cause it to gel in the kettle.

To facilitate proper adhesion, the joint or crack should be dry and clear of any dirt, dust, or other contaminates.  Substrate and ambient temperatures must be 40 °F or above.  Proper sizing of the joint will cause the maximum extension/compression to not exceed 50% of the width.  Joints or random cracks of ¼” or less are difficult to properly clean prior to applying the sealant.

The service life when heated to application temperature is approximately 12 hours. Adding fresh material to the melter as sealant is being used will extend the service life. Product shall be agitated during installation. Any material that has exceeded the service life should be removed from the melter and discarded.

Coverage Width Coverage Depth Coverage Pounds/100 Lineal Feet