Right Weld

Commercial Liquids


RIGHT WELD is a water based polyvinyl acetate bonding agent designed for bonding concrete, plaster or stucco to existing surfaces. When fresh cement based materials are applied to a RIGHT WELD treated surface the RIGHT WELD rewets and develops a mechanical and chemical bond between the two surfaces.

  • Bonding new concrete to existing surfaces
  • Bonding plaster and stucco to existing brick, concrete and gypsum board
  • Film remains re-wetable for 24 hours
  • May be used interior or exterior
  • May be applied to dry or damp surface
  • Adds tremendous bond strength to the finished application
  • Water based for safe use

Surfaces should be clean and free of curing compounds or other contaminants, which may result in poor adhesion. New concrete must be 3 days old to secure a good mechanical bond.

DO NOT DILUTE RIGHT WELD. Stir thoroughly before use.

  • Minimum of one (1) year stored in dry protected storage
  • Keep from freezing


1 Gallon 6 Pack

5 Gallon Pails

55 Gallon Drums