Right Shield 40 Ht



RIGHT SHIELD 40 HT is a rolled self-adhering roofing underlayment formulated to meet higher surface temperatures. It is composed of a polymer modified asphaltic adhesive membrane backed by a layer of high density, cross-laminated polyethylene. Our product is 40 mils thick, making it light- weight and easy to handle on the job site. Because of the unique formulation, RIGHT SHIELD 40 HT is able to match the performance of equivalent membranes that are thicker and heavier. Caution, slippery when wet or covered by frost.

Local building/Municipal codes

RIGHT SHIELD 40 HT is a rolled self-adhering, self-sealing, adhesive membrane that prevents water intrusion and see page from damaging events like wind-driven rain and ice dams. Because it is a fraction of the weight of competitive materials, the hassles of transport and handling are significantly decreased. RIGHT SHIELD 40 HT has an anti-skid texture that is resistant to scuffing and tracking oil in hot weather as well as maximizing traction as an added safety feature. Another unique feature to RIGHT SHIELD 40 HT is that it is reroofable, you can take of and reapply shingles without having to reapply RIGHT SHIELD 40 HT.

Remove roof deck of all dirt and debris, it must be clean, smooth and free of moisture. Make sure the roof deck is dry, and free of protrusions. Do not leave exposed to sun light for more than 90 days.

Approximately 195 sq ft per roll


36" wide x 65' long, one roll per carton - 33 lbs per roll