Right Roll



Right Roll is a rolled self-adhering waterproofing membrane.  Its unique formulation and construction makes it reliable and cost effective in many waterproofing applications. It is composed of a nominally 56 mil thick layer of waterproofing membrane on a heavy duty, four-mil thick, cross-laminated polyethylene carrier film with a release liner for ease of application.

R.E.M.A.® Specifications Chapter 29

ASTM D 570

RIGHT ROLL self-adhering waterproofing membrane is a cost-effective solution to waterproofing foundations, vertical walls, and below-grade floors in residential and commercial construction. It is also used as between-the-slab waterproofing on plaza decks, parking decks, and structural slabs. It can be used in specialty applications where waterproofing provides an added cost value such as: mechanical and electronic rooms, laboratories, kitchens, and bathrooms. RIGHT ROLL offers positive protection when “wrapped around” major transit, vehicular, utility, and pedestrian tunnels. RIGHT ROLL can also be used on insulated concrete forms.  Concrete should be cured at least 72 hours, be clean, dry, smooth, and free of voids. Repair spalled areas; fill all voids and remove all sharp protrusions.

  • Provides a cost-effective & versatile positive waterproofing protection against moisture migration and the infiltration of free water.
  • Offers a quick and easy-to-apply system for maximum productivity.
  • Components work together for positive waterproofing protection.
  • Easy handling on the jobsite.

38.5” wide x 62.5’ long, one roll per a carton


Temperature:  Apply in dry, fair weather when the air and surface temperatures are above 40° F (4° C). Do not apply to frozen concrete.

SURFACE CONDITIONING:  Apply RIGHT PRIME to surfaces that will be covered within one working day. If left exposed overnight, additional RIGHT-PRIME must be applied.

HORIZONTAL APPLICATION:  Remove release paper on edge, then position the RIGHT ROLL membrane. Pull remaining of release paper off, running the roll from low to high points, so all laps will shed water. Stagger end laps and overlap all seems at least 2 ½ (63.5 mm).  Apply a double-thickness of the RIGHT ROLL membrane over joints and over cracks greater the 1/16” (1.59 mm) wide.

VERTICAL WALL APPLICATION:  Masonry walls may require the application of a cementitious parge-coat. Allow the parge-coat to dry before priming and applying RIGHT-ROLL. When applied, the parge-coat will provide a smooth, uniform, and well-bonded surface. Remove approximately 8’ (2.44 M) long over the top of the horizontal DETAIL STRIP at the footing. Overlap seams at least 2 ½ (63.5 mm). Tightly butt edges of membrane and apply RIGHT POINTE MASTIC in corner applications. To the top terminations, apply RIGHT POINTE MASTIC at least 1/8” (3.18 mm) thick and 1” (25.4 mm) wide. As an option, TERMINATION BAR may be used to mechanically fasten the membrane.

HAND-RUB AND ROLL PRESS:  Once positioned, immediately hand rub the RIGHT ROLL membrane firmly to the surface, remove any bubbles or wrinkles, then pressure roll the complete surface to assure positive adhesion.

INSPECT AND REPAIR:  A thorough inspection should be made before covering and all necessary repairs made immediately. Tears and inadequate overlaps should be covered with RIGHT ROLL.  Slit fish mouths and repair with patch extending 6” in all directions from the slit. Seal edges of all patches with RIGHT POINTE MASTIC. Where applicable, horizontal applications can be flood-tested for 24hrs. All leaks should be marked and repaired when membrane dries.

PROTECT THE MEMBRANE:  On all vertical and horizontal installations with the immediate application of PROTECTION COURSE if no drainage system is used. Or RIGHT DRAIN. To secure PROTECTION COURSE, use RIGHT POINTE MASTIC as an adhesive, and/or physically attach at the top edge using TERMINATION BAR. Backfilling should be done immediately, using care and caution to avoid damaging the waterproofing application.

PRECAUTIONS:  Avoid the use of products that contain tars, solvents, pitches, polysulfide polymers, or PVC materials that may come into contact with RIGHT ROLL. The use of RIGHT ROLL does not negate the need for relief of hydrostatic heads. A complete drain tile system should be placed around the exterior of footing and under slabs, as required.

Store membrane cartons on pallets and cover if left outside. Keep materials away from sparks and flames. Store where temperature will not exceed 90 °F (32 °C) for extended periods of time

Provides 200 ft.² per roll. Gross coverage is 200 ft ².[Net coverage is 187.5 ft ² with overlap of 2 1/2”.]