Right Release Water Base

Commercial Liquids


RIGHT RELEASE WATER BASE is a ready to use film forming treatment that prevents the bonding of fresh concrete mix to forms, tools, and equipment. A proprietary high-end chemical emulsion, RIGHT RELEASE WATER BASE reacts with excess lime on the surface of the concrete to give a quick, clean stripping from any form work.

  • Interior/exterior use
  • Lengthens form life
  • Doesn’t stain or discolor concrete

This product meets the maximum VOC content limit (450 g/L) for form release compounds as required by the U.S. EPA Architectural Coatings Rule and the rigid specifications set forth by the Ozone Transport Commission (OTC).

For use on various types of forms (wood, steel, fiberglass, aluminum). Treat and season forms prior to each use with brush, roller or hand sprayer (maximum setting at 25-30 PSI with fan type tip). Avoid excess run-off or ponding by only applying a thin coat of RIGHT RELEASE WATER BASE.

  • Minimizes stripping time
  • Provides a clean cast on pre-cast products
  • Inhibits concrete buildup on equipment
  • Can be painted over
Plywood/Lumber600-1000 sq ft/gal
Aluminum/Steel1000-2000 sq ft/gal