Right Flex Rubber Expansion Joint

Expansion Joints & Plastics

RIGHT FLEX RUBBER EXPANSION JOINT is composed of 100% recyclable materials – a proprietary blend of discarded car tires and reclaimed rubber granules. This very workable material has a recovery rate of 95% or more of the original thickness and a density approximating 30 lbs/ft³.

  • Very flexible – will not break
  • Permanent in place – will not rot
  • Non-staining – gives a just sealed look
  • Easy to handle and install

Right Flex Rubber Expansion Joint meets all requirements of: ASTM D1751-04, ASTM D1752-04a, ASTM D994, AASHTO M213-95, AASHTO M153-98, FAA “Standard Specifications for Construction of Airports” Paragraph 501-2-4, and Federal Specification HH-F-341 F Type I.

  • Designed for high performance, low tolerance criteria projects
  • Excellent recovery properties for installations with wide temperature variations
  • For isolation applications or between materials with dissimilar coefficients of expansion

Right Flex Rubber Expansion Joint is available at a thickness of 1/2″ and at standard lengths of 5’ and 10’. Slabs are manufactured at a maximum width of 48” and can be cut to size from 2” to 48” in 1/2″ increments.

Compression to 50% of originalPasses
Recovery (within 10 minutes)99 – 100%
Extrusion< 0.10 inch
Density40 lbs/ft³
Water Absorption< 2%
Ultraviolet Light ExposurePasses
Cold Temperature ExposurePasses @ -80 °F


10 Feet, 5 feet