Right Clean

Commercial Liquids


RIGHT CLEAN is a biodegradable concrete cleaner and degreaser. It is an environmentally friendly substitution for high VOC and/or flammable solvents.

RIGHT CLEAN will lift a wide range of stains from concrete surfaces including stains from petroleum, cooking oil, dirt, and greases. RIGHT CLEAN also removes concrete curing compounds from treated concrete.

RIGHT CLEAN concrete cleaner removes a variety of stains from the surface of concrete. RIGHT CLEAN can be used on virtually any concrete surface including shop and industrial floors, patios, retaining walls, and warehouses.

  • Strips stains from concrete
  • Ready to use
  • Biodegradable
First application100-200 sq ft/gal
Subsequent applications200 sq ft/gal


1 Gallon 6 Pack

5 Gallon Pails