All-purpose Roll Foam With Tear Strip

Expansion Joints & Plastics

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ALL-PURPOSE ROLL FOAM is a lightweight, polyethylene, closed cell expansion joint filler for use with all cold applied sealants. This joint filler has a factory pre-set tear strip to provide a consistent reservoir for sealing. ROLL FOAM is viewed in the marketplace as an affordable expansion joint for all projects, especially small-scale work.

  • UV stable; resistant to most chemicals
  • Factory pre-set tear strip
  • Economical alternative to traditional expansion joint materials
  • Cuts easily by hand with a knife
  • Flexible enough to be used around curved structures
  • No staining or bleed through concerns, non-gassing

All Purpose Roll Foam meets all requirements of ASTM D4819, Type II and ASTM D3575.

Recovery (%)98.6
Extrusion (in)0.16
Compressive Strength Vertical Direction (psi)12.3
Compression Set (%)16
Tensile Stress (psi)44, 26
Elongation (%)79, 65
Tear Resistance (lb/in)10, 15
Density Range (lb/ft³)1.7 (nominal)
Water Absorption (lb/ft²)< 0.1




100 Feet, 50 Feet


1/2", 1/4", 3/8"