Expansion Joints & Plastics

This closed cell neoprene expansion joint filler is the ultimate solution for masonry expansion joints for brick and block. Neoprene meets and exceeds ASTM D 1056 specifications for closed cell sponge neoprene expansion joints in residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Neoprene is available in multiple types to meet a wide range of specifications.

  • Flexible – will not break or crack when used in masonry joints
  • Currently used by both residential and commercial contractors
  • Economical – easily cut and handled on any jobsite
  • Closed cell

Neoprene meets all requirements of ASTM D1056 Type II Class A, C121A, 2A1, SCE 41, and RE41.

  • Contractor friendly, environmentally acceptable
  • Compresses readily, requires only a razor knife to install
  • Non-gassing, clean, non-staining when installed
  • Can be over-sealed with hot or cold applied sealants
  • 99% recovery properties – retains no memory
  • Handles corners and radius applications easily