Clear Water Resin 1315

Highway Cure


CLEAR WATER RESIN 1315 CONCRETE CURING COMPOUND is a membrane forming treatment utilizing a dissipating hydrocarbon resin base combined in a treated clear water solution.

This environmentally friendly V.O.C. compliant compound is designed to provide maximum curing to freshly-laid exterior concrete paving applications.

  • Excellent for subsequent flooring treatments
  • Will not clog or plug spray equipment
  • Provided in a ready-to-use formula
  • ASTM C309, Type I, Class B
  • ASTM C1315, Type I, Class B
  • AASHTO M148, Type I, Class B

CLEAR WATER RESIN 1315 is suitable for use with a wide variety of concrete construction projects. It is also ideal for many sizes of interior/exterior concrete slab work, as well as other flatwork applications.

  • Roadways
  • Airport runways
  • Parking lots
  • Curbs
  • Membrane forming treatment enhances slab water retention
  • Densifies and hardens concrete, reducing any crazing, cracking or checking
  • Tensile and compressive strengths are improved over non-cured slabs
  • Packaging stable with no hard settlement
Approximately200 sq ft/gal